Paleo Meal Plan

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What is paleo?

The idea behind the paleo diet (Paleolithic age) is to eat like our ancestors ate during that time. This means no candy, pasta and ice cream. You will focus on foods like meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, eggs, avocados… Basically anything that isn’t processed.

Why Paleo?

  • You are more likely to eat clean.
  • You feel less bloated.
  • Studies have shown that going paleo helps with the immune system.
  • Higher state of satiety from eating more fat and protein.

Who is paleo for?

  • People willing to commit to a (somewhat) strict diet.
  • Do not want to count calories.
  • Have a simple to follow menu.
  • Want to try something new.
  • Believe in the paleo studies.

Not sure how many calories you should eat? Find out here.

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