Low Carbs Meal Plan

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What is a low carbs diet?

Another variation of eating less carbs, this kind of diet has been around for a long time. Similar to the Atkins or Keto diet, you simply eat low carbs, moderate fat and moderate-high protein. You will feel a higher sense of satiety and more enerdy (less ups and downs during the day). If you are looking to shed water weight, this is a good way to achieve this.

Why go low carbs?

  • Removes excess water retention.
  • You feel less bloated.
  • Better energy throughout the day.
  • Higher state of satiety from eating more fat and protein.
  • Better mental clarity.

Who is low carbs for?

  • People trying to lose weight.
  • Eat High fat, moderate protein and low carbs.
  • Have more consistent blood sugar level.
  • Have no problem eating a more restricted diet.

Not sure how many calories you should eat? Find out here.

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