Keto Meal Plan

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What is keto?

As the body consumes less than a certain amount of carbohydrates, it switches to an alternate metabolic state called “ketosis”. What this means in layman terms is that the body will utilize fat as an energy source instead of carbs, leading to more consistent blood sugar level, higher satiety and more energy.

Why going keto?

  • You are more likely to eat clean.
  • You feel less bloated.
  • Better energy throughout the day.
  • Higher state of satiety from eating more fat and protein.
  • Better mental clarity.

Who is keto for?

  • People willing to commit to a (somewhat) strict diet.
  • Wants to feel higher state of satiety.
  • Eat High fat, moderate protein and low carbs.
  • Have more consistent blood sugar level.

Not sure how many calories you should eat? Find out here.

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