Fact or Fiction – To lose weight you need to be on a low-carbs diet?

woman wondering if carbs are bad

FICTION. It is true that most of society’s delicious food comes from Carbohydrates (Pasta, bread, sugar, cake…) but carbs have a lot of bad rap recently without actually being the one to blame for people failing to lose weight. They are not bad for the human body. You won’t turn into Mr. Pillsbury because you eat rice on a daily basis. Sure, too much of it will hinder your progress. But so is too much sleep, too much vitamin E, too much running and honestly too much of anything in life. Once again, they key to success is in the proportion… Namely portion control.


One of the easiest trick used in the fitness world to make you lose weight rapidly is to dial down on the carbs. This way, you shed a lot of water retention at first and are happy with the results, believing you have finally found the diet. Dieters then expect this rhythm to carry on (which, spoilers, it won’t) and get discouraged when it stops. To make matter worst, once you start eating normally again, you will gain back all of the water weight you lost. One things lead to another, and you just quit thinking this wasn’t the right fit for you.


So back to square one we go.


People looking to lose weight should instead strike a middle ground between both extremes. Bottom line is that the amount of calories you feed yourself has a much bigger impact on your weight loss journey than what you eat. So make sure to stay within your calories, and eat carbs in moderation. The type of carbs you eat also has an impact, but that is for another blog. If another fitness guru say all carbs are bad for you, remember to turn around and run!



SUMMARY : Watch your carbs intake but do not ban it all completely.



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