Here is a list of the recurent lies I hear in the coaching industry


Written by Mat Charles

1. You can transform fat in muscle

This is totally false and is often spread by the beginners. Why you ask? Because when you start working out, you will usually lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time. Newbie gains as they are called. This gives the impression to “transform” the fat into muscle when in reality, you are getting rid of fat AND building muscle. This period never last long and can eventually discourage people as they hit a plateau.


2.  Women should never lift weights to avoid getting muscular like a man.


Ladies, do not worry. The simple fact of lifting heavy weights in the gym will not make you look like a cartoon character. The fact of “building” muscle comes from the hormone called testosterone, which women produces a lot less of. Because of this, you will not turn into a monster all of a sudden, and can safely lift heavy weights (which is very good to tone the muscles by the way).


3. You can lose fat in specific locations

Fat tissues are located in a uniform manner on the human body. This means that TV commercials promising you a 6 pack if you electrocute your abs (Ow!) are bullshit. To see your abs, you need to have a low bodyfat percentage. And you achieve this by eating at a deficit in calories. The fat will then disappear, evenly. This brings me to the next point…


4. Doing crunches will give you a six pack abs in no time!

The majority of people have this as the ultimate fitness goal: Get this famous 6 pack abs. This in turn makes it not surprising that the majority of their time is spent doing crunches, ab roll, planks and so on. While I applaud them for taking care of their core, all of this is in vain… If they don’t eat in consequence! So my advice is to keep doing “some” abs exercise, but get your diet in check.


5. You absolutely need supplements to reach your goal.

Do not fall for this marketing scam. There are no quick fix or shortcuts to get you to where you want to be. None. Stop looking for one. I will say this, supplements have their place in all of this, but account for about 2%. The important part is not to ask which fat burner to take, but to eat the right amount of food. Once you have good healthy habits, then we can introduce supplements. After all, the name itself says it.



As you can see, the fitness world is often littered with weight information. You never know which one will be the next one to catch up in the social medias. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you are not sure about a new product or way of doing things, come and see us.


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