Fact or Fiction?

Eating at night is a bad idea and can even make you fat?


Written by Mat Charles

FICTION. Bro science and another myth of those fake fitness gurus. Eating at night as no negative impact whatsoever. It is not « worse » to eat at night vs in the morning. Even though you are going to bed ( and yes, the digestive system does slow down), you are not more susceptible to gain fat during that time. This does not mean that you should go eat a large pizza right before going to bed! The choice of your nutrients still matter and you should eat something that is healthy and filling. We recommend eating a source of fat combined with protein (Slow digestion + increased recovery). As an example, having a protein shake with nuts or Greek Yogurt with some almond butter. So do not starve yourself if you want to eat before going to bed. I myself, can’t sleep on an empty stomach.


To Summarize : Do not refrain from eating at night, but still keep your calories in check.


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